Restart Drink


 When organism needs Restart

  • Are you undergoing severe medical treatment and your liver is strained? ( painkillers,chemotherapy)
  • Have you been diagnosed hormonal deflection?
  • Have you accidentally used larger dosage of uplifting substances?
  • Have you had a partly yesterday with alcohol and in the morning you are not undoubtedly sure of the remnant alcohol presence?
  • Do you have any of the health problems mentioned in the section about Restart vitamins?

Your daily dosage of health!

Restart is a patent-protected revitalising sparkling beverage made of honey,vitamins and mineral substances - on purely natural basis.

Restart is a revitaliser of the whole organism.

Restart is not an energy drink even though it boosts and uplifts the body.

Restart is actually a break downs means of noxious substances from human body.

Restart is not addictive.

Restart contains neither taurine, nor caffeine.

Restart is made purely on natural basis.

Restart regenerates liver and helps its function.

Restart breaks down alcohol at least 20% faster.

Restart eliminates hangover, thirst, nausea...All of this symptoms become the past.